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Metropolitan Room, California and more...

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July 1st 2014


We are still on an absolute high after our Show at the Metropolitan Room last week. With standing ovations, we looked out into the audience to people holding hands, with tears in their eyes. It was such an incredibly touching evening that felt amazing to us, as we could tell that our audience just got it. We fed right off their energy and took our show to exciting new heights. Something magical happened and we can not wait for the opportunity to perform our show again. Marla quickly shot of to LA the next day for diva related work, whilst Georgia and Mags were invited to sing at a Poetry evening with the St Andrews Society. A lovely evening with fellow ex-pats in Manhattan, where we made some great new friends. The diva's then reunited to perform the National Anthem and God Bless America for Farmingdale Baseball's 9/11 Memorial Baseball Tournament, A lovely and touching evening in Long Island filled with baseball, hot dogs and ice cream. Our next adventure begins this weekend as we fly West to California where we will be making our television debut as we film for the Hour of Power. We are beyond excited for this opportunity particularly for such a special performance. Stay tuned for details on that.


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