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St. Andrew's Society of L.A. proudly sponsors the Highland Divas at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The St. Andrew's Society of Los Angeles proudly sponsors the Highland Divas at the 2022 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The Highland Divas are currently showcasing their talent and sharing three incredible voices on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade from August 5th-27th.

With a collective ambition to share traditional Scottish music with the world and honor Scottish culture, the trio were formed in 2012. They’ve headlined New York City Tartan Week in recent years and have performed at iconic venues including, Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Centre.

The performance at the Tattoo is wowing audiences with its musical journey that spans the folk music of Scotland, Ireland, and New Zealand. From Celtic ballads, through to exciting, harmonized interpretations of both pop and classical music, the Highland Divas’ performance has something for everyone.


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