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Tartan Week

The Highland Divas | NEWS META DATA DATA

April 6th 2015


After their January 15th Show the Divas then spent the next 2 months apart with Margaret appearing in Maltz Jupiter, Fl in their production of Les Miserable as Fantine, Georgia taking a trip to visit friends and family in Scotland and Marla touring New Zealand with Husband Daniel Rodriguez with their very own masterclasses. Although each of them were having a wonderful time doing their own thing, they could not wait to get back together and sing again and when they did, it was electric.

Marla and Georgia started off Tartan week as a duo on Monday , In Bryant Park where they performed both the US and Scottish National Anthems then gave the audience Acapella renditions of "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose" and "Loch Lomond" For the American-Scottish Foundation's: Tartan Observance Day Concert in the Park. The Weather was beautiful, sun was shining and it was just a wonderful day had by all. They were later Reunited with Margaret as she came to meet them directly from La Guardia and all was right in Diva world. They joined the NY Tartan Week Committee and Belhaven Brewers at Times Square's St Andrews Pub & Restaurant for a press conference and then even gave an impromptu performance of "One More Day.


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